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Totes Umbrellas Where To Buy [WORK]

Being unprepared for the weather is like water off a duck's back with the new totes Auto Open Umbrella with Wooden Duck Handle. This classically styled umbrella features a collapsible, steel frame and wooden, 'Duck Head' handle for just the right touch of fun and whimsy.

totes umbrellas where to buy

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You'll be cooler in the sun and always prepared for a surprise shower with the totes SunGuard extra large auto open close umbrella. SunGuard with UPF 50+ protection blocks 98 percent of harmful UV rays and keeps you up to 30 degrees cooler. Oversized 54-inch canopy is large enough to cover 2 people and folds to just 14 inches. Auto open and close -- one push of a button opens the umbrella, one push closes it keeping one hand free when you're on the go.

Classic protection with unparalleled durability! The totes Reversible Rain Poncho is fully lined for maximum coverage and long-lasting durability. Switch up your style with fun, reversible colors and patterns. The adjustable drawstring hood stays secure for ultimate protection from the wind and rain. Perfectly portable; folds into own pocket.

Everyone wants something different in an umbrella. Some prefer style, while others prioritize substance, but we can all agree that umbrellas should keep you dry and hold up in moderate wind. While no umbrella is perfect in a heavy downpour, a good umbrella will prevent you from showing up to your destination looking like a wet rat.

In addition, this umbrella has a comfortable, slipless handle, reflective features for safety at night, and weighs less than a pound, making it easy to bring it with you anywhere. We also discovered that this umbrella is pretty resistant to damage, such as if you lose your grip in the wind or drop it by accident.

Solid rivets and a quality frame will protect your umbrella from strong winds. Rivets tie the ribs, stretchers, and ligaments of the frame. To prevent getting an umbrella that is likely to break in a gust of wind, don't purchase one if you can see through the rivets on the frame. It is best to choose umbrellas made with steel, nickel, brass, and fiberglass to ensure you get more than one use out of your umbrella.

Totes Isotoner Corporation, stylized totesISOTONER and often abbreviated to Totes, is an international umbrella, footwear, and cold weather accessory supplier, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Totes is regularly billed in press reports as "the world's largest marketer of umbrellas".[1] The company has divisions in the United States, Canada, UK, and France.

The company sells products under totes, ISOTONER, and ESNY brands. Totes branded products include umbrellas, rubber footwear, ponchos, rain hats, and travel bags. Several licensed gift and boot products also carry the totes brand name. Mostly known for private label footwear, ESNY, now part of Totes Isotoner, is associated with branded products such as flip-flops, sandals, and ESNY Occasions wedding footwear. Totes Isotoner and ESNY branded products are carried by most national retailers in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Totes Isotoner itself has several sub-brands, including Cirrus,[2] SolBounce, Zenz[3] and Toasties.[4]

Totes Isotoner traces its roots back to the Roll-O-Radio Company, a mail-order radio kit supplier, which was incorporated in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1924.[5] In 1931, Roll-O-Radio Co. became "Perfect Manufacturing Company (Inc.)",[6] whose So-Lo Works in Oakley, Ohio developed a popular shoe-resoling product. Perfect Manufacturing Company moved to Loveland, Ohio in 1942 with a name change to "So-Lo Works, Incorporated".[7] From the mid-1940s to the late 1950s, company president Joe J. Marx designed, manufactured and marketed his successful "totes" line of foldable waterproof apparel, starting with "totes" women's slip-on overshoes for rainy days and culminating in Skooba-"totes" full-length dry exposure suits for diving and water-skiing. Bradford E. Phillips purchased So-Lo Works Inc. in 1961, renamed the company "Totes Incorporated" in 1965[8] and included "totes" collapsible umbrellas in the firm's repertoire in 1970,[9] By the mid-1980s, Totes Inc. had become the world's largest supplier of such umbrellas.[10] In 1994, Phillips sold Totes Inc. to Boston investment firm Bain Capital.[11]

In 1983, Phillips secures US patent 454275 for an "umbrella with advertising flag",[61] which acknowledges the pre-existence of the 1968 Henryson Co. collapsible umbrella patent. In 1986, Totes Inc. is reported to be the largest umbrella seller in the USA with over half the company's revenue coming from umbrella sales. Totes' umbrella production is outsourced to Taiwan, one of the world's major umbrella-making centers.[62] In 1987, the airline TWA enables passengers to purchase Totes umbrellas when they are on international flights.[63] In 1988, one-size-fits-all Totes "Toasties", "cozy slipper socks to wear on those cold winter nights", go on sale.[64]

In 1994, Bain Capital acquires Totes.[65] Three years later, in 1997, the totes ISOTONER corporation is formed from the merger of Totes corporation and ARISISOTONER Incorporated, a producer of leather gloves.[66]

So the "Totes" and the "Isotoner" in the company name reference both merged firms' flagship products. The change of name from "Totes Incorporated" to "Totes Isotoner Corporation" is registered on 1 August 1997.[68] By late 1998, Totes Isotoner has a new headquarters in West Chester Township, Butler County, Ohio and a website at[69]

The totes Clear Bubble is a trendy model that will certainly turn heads as the rain falls. The diameter isn't particularly wide, yet its deep canopy performs better than you might expect, especially in horizontal rain. You can also rest assured that it won't spontaneously fail or flip inside out on windy days. However, it lacks the ease of use of some of the other models we tested and takes up a lot of space and weight. We also found the skeletal design to be less durable than its nylon and polyester competitors.

The Clear Bubble has a very youthful design that'll stand out in a crowd from the more simple and stereotypical umbrellas. Its bubble shape is complemented by the J-shaped handle. Our testers felt that this model looked a bit more feminine than masculine, but we don't think that should stop anyone from using it. It's fun and quirky, but the design is also very functional. Whether walking through a park or through the city, you'll definitely stand out!

With some of the highest rain protection due to its deep and bubble-like canopy, we highly recommend the totes Clear Bubble for anyone wanting something more physically encompassing and fun. It also offers decent ease of use and durability. However, it is quite large and heavy to continually keep by your side and not the most versatile. Still, the flashy looks and affordable price tag make this piece a justly tempting choice.

ShedRain, for example, which produces both high-end and lower- priced umbrellas, is selling a line of luxury umbrellas, designed by the Italian company Ombrelli, that retail for $195 this year. The handle and shaft are made from a single, hand-carved piece of wood, and the canopy is covered with Italian twill polyester in a variety of prints, including plaids, florals and a Tibetan-inspired stripe. 041b061a72


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