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Email Recovery Software

The tool works flawlessly on the corrupted or non-corrupted EDB files. It also allows adding Live Exchange mailboxes, Office 365 mailboxes, and Outlook profile stores as a source. The software comes with advanced features which securely export added source mailboxes to Outlook PST, Exchange Server, Office 365, and Outlook profile stores. It also can export added sources in various file formats like MSG, EML HTML, RTF, vCal and vCard, etc. An Option to split resultant .pst files is also available if you have large mailboxes and wish to shorten the size of PST files.

email recovery software

Manual Exchange database migration is a hectic task as there are various challenges you may face during or after the migration. However, you can simplify the Exchange database migration by using professional software.

Today, I am reviewing the Exchange server Suite that can assist in recovery and migration of Exchange and Outlook files.This software is featureful, it includes exchange as well as exchange online (which has become de facto standard now a days).

Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager is built with an advanced algorithm because of which it swiftly recovers the corrupted Pub.EDB and Priv.EDB files that are inaccessible in the Exchange server. The Exchange Server Recovery is designed to efficiently restore EDB mailboxes items such as emails, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, etcetera from corrupted and non-corrupted EDB files instantly without any alteration in its original files.

The software provides the option to add Exchange Server mailboxes through the active directory (AD) using server credentials. Give full administrative rights to the added admin credentials. So, the admin can access other mailboxes as well. Users can also add Office 365 mailboxes as a source and export office 365 mailbox to pst file format. It has a handy grant full access rights option; checking this provides delegate rights of all mailboxes to the global admin. The user can migrate or export the added mailboxes to Live Exchange, Office 365, and Outlook PST.

The software displays a preview of the added mailboxes data. Preview facility helps users getting assured about the added source mailbox items before exporting them into PST, Live Exchange & Office 365. The preview option also allows cross-checking of emails and ensures the correctness of data. Users can see all item properties with the MAPI tag.

Shoviv Exchange Recovery Tool also provides the facility to extract and convert the selected mailbox to new and existing PST files. Besides this, it also facilitates restoring all mailboxes from corrupt or healthy EDB to new PST files. The software also allows to import/export mailbox items and transfer emails, contacts, calendars & other items between any Live Exchange server, Outlook Profile, and Office 365.

Exchange Recovery Manager helps to export the source mailbox to multiple PST files, depends upon user requirement. By default, the software creates a single PST file for the single mailbox (1mailbox = 1 PST). In case the limit of PST file size is defined by Outlook, then the software will automatically split the PST file after reaching the specified size limit. This feature comes in handy if you have large-sized mailboxes and want to save data into different PSTs.

Shoviv Exchange Recovery Software offers to restore data from backup files. It can extract single or multiple mailboxes from PST files to Office 365 and Live Exchange. More importantly, the software adding large files without having any obstructions in its size. It ensures that the restoring of files can take place smoothly without any additional support and hindrance.

Once the export process gets started software displays a live log report. The report carries all the information regarding the process like Folder Name, Item Count, Processed Items, Filtered Items, et cetera. Once the exportation process gets completed, you can save the log report into HTML format.

Shoviv Exchange Recovery Tool has an advanced Incremental Export/Backup feature. We all know there are many instances, which can interrupt the Export process, and you have to repeat the process from the beginning. In this scenario, check the Incremental export option (exporting after the process gets interrupted). And the software will exclude already exported items and will export the remaining items in the same target.

Overall, I am satisfied with Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager. I would say that I paid for what, the software achieved. It worked the job for what the tool is known. I have successfully recovered all of the mailboxes and saved the day. I must appreciate the recovery speed of the software.

The demo version of the software works effectively towards the recovery and migration of added sources with the facility to recover and migrate the first 50 items from each folder. So that one can be assured about the product quality.

Aryson Outlook mail recovery software is one of the most efficient applications to recover almost all of your emails from deleted or even corrupt Outlook files. The software has been designed with one of the most advanced recovery algorithms making it a one-stop solution for any kind of Outlook email recovery. Even being a highly advanced application, the tool is loaded with one of the most easy-to-understand interfaces, making it easy even for novice users to recover corrupt or deleted Outlook emails flawlessly.

In case of any accidental deletion of the Outlook Mailbox, you can use this software to recover those mailboxes. Even if your Outlook Mailbox is corrupted, you can use this software to fix this issue.

The software has been designed with one of the most advanced recovery algorithms which in turn helps users recover their emails with utmost safety. In other words, you can easily get back your data without any data alteration or data loss.

The Deleted Outlook Email Recovery software is highly compatible with all versions of Outlook emails and files and also runs smoothly on all latest and prior versions of the Windows Operating system including Windows 11.

The Free Outlook Email Recovery Tools is only for the users who want to evaluate the performance of the tool. On the other hand, for unlimited Email Recovery, you will have to buy the full version of this software.

Yes, the Outlook Email Recovery Tool permits the user to save the retrieveed PST into PDF / PST / MSG / EML / HTML file formats without any formatting issue. There is no alteration in the data formatting after recovery and export process.

MiniTool OEM program enable partners like hardware / software vendors and relative technical service providers to embed MiniTool software with their own products to add value to their products or services and expand their market.

When using Outlook Express to manage personal emails, you tend to make mistakes now and then: archiving emails wrong, deleting useful emails by accident, clearing the inbox before reading emails in it, etc.

Under such circumstances, Outlook Express email recovery is imperative unless you can confirm that all the missing emails are of no use. Otherwise, the following content telling you how to recover deleted emails from Outlook Express is very helpful.

In addition to asking help from Microsoft support, to recover deleted emails from Outlook Express with a third-party tool is also a wonderful and practical choice. However, the key point of this method is that how you can find a piece of reliable email recovery software.

Here is the good news: MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an amazing data recovery tool which is able to help you recover almost all types of dada, including emails. With high security, it will not do any damage to your data while data recovery is processed.

Why the emails saved in Outlook Express can be recovered? The reason is: they will be saved automatically to certain location of local drive, and you can find back deleted emails by scanning the certain location with the help of wonderful data recovery software.

Considering that some people haven't tried Outlook Express before, I'd like to talk about it simply. Outlook Express is a built-in Microsoft electronic mail and it is also referred to as OE. It is an email client based on NNTP. Microsoft bundle this with the operating system and Internet Explorer web browser.

The actual usage rate of Outlook Express makes it become an email client standard. And OE actually becomes the preferred spread objective of worms and viruses. Since the development of the Macintosh version of OE has been called off, it is rarely attacked.

As far as I know, Outlook Express is the built-in email client of many operating systems, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me), Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Office 98 for the Macintosh.

Generally, the email data files of Outlook are stored in system partition by default. This is not convenient for users to backup emails. Thus, in order to work this out and enhance email security, you can choose to change the storage location of Outlook emails.

3. A Store Location interface will pop up, showing users the current location of their personal emails. The default location is generally C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\GUID\Microsoft\Outlook Express. Or it could also be C:\Windows\Application Data\Outlook Express\GUID.

Now, you should close the Outlook Express. Then, go to the default email store location to copy the old email files and paste them to the newly created folder, which is set as the current storage location of Outlook Express email.

It is an excellent free email client which gives support for multiple mailbox protocols and accounts. CloudMagic is able to merge the emails from multiple email accounts into a single inbox for unified reading and management. 041b061a72


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